Barely legal blonde cutie Julie Anne in her first super heroine video!
(She's definitely 18 years old! Proof of age proudly on file!)

Cute and perky blonde Julie Anne is the biggest female fan of Amerigana! She reads her comics obsessively and dreams of the chance to make the white slaver villains pay for their dastardly deeds! Now that the earlier incarnations of Star Girl have been kidnapped and sold to kinky fans on the black market Julie Anne sees an opportunity to assume the role of the famous spangled crime fighter! Determined to become Amerigana's spunky new sidekick Julie Anne designs her new costume and emerges as The All-New 'Star Girl'!

In her first adventure Star Girl tracks down a local gang of white slavers and busts in on their operation! She confronts one of them with a speech announcing that she's the new Star Girl and tells them that they are going downtown with her! The caped cutie doesn't see the villain sneaking up behind her with a pad of cloth soaked in chloroform while she argues with the first thug! Star Girl gasps into the chloroform pad as the thug clamps it over her lovely face and her sacred boobs are heavily groped by the brute! The other thug gropes Star Girl's boobs as she's slowly drugged to sleep and the costumed beauty's muffled moans of protest slowly fad as her eyes roll and she passes out in the arms of the brute!

Star Girl is carried over-the-shoulder and her skirt is flipped up exposing her panties while the thugs take turn rubbing her buttcheeks! Star Girl is then tied up (some on-screen tying) and fondled. When she wakes up Star Girl is angry and defiant but the slavers decide to break her like the many super heroines they've broken before. Star Girl is tightly handgagged and tormented by the cruel thugs who cleave gag her and fondle her while she "MMMMMPH"s in defiance! Our super heroine cutie is put through rigourous punishments including chloroforming, spanking, heavy fondling, teasing, etc. Star Girl gives it her all, jumping around while bound, defiantly protesting, trying to hop away from the slavers, etc. At the end of the scene Star Girl breaks free and beats the first thug to a pulp! The other thug walks in and sees her holding his defeated partner! He confronts Star Girl and she strikes a super pose while attempting to deliver a speech, but forgets that she's still gagged! Don't miss the final battle of this great scene!

Next Star Girl visits one of the the artists who draws Amerigana's comics and asks him to draw her new Star Girl comics. The artist has her pose for him while he draws sketches of her. Eventually the artist tries to persuade her to pose for him in bondage but Star Girl is reluctant so the artist has to use the same techniques that he uses with Amerigana; He has his friend sneak up behind the super heroine beauty and chloroform her! Star Girl is shocked at the indignity of being chloroformed and the men take turns feeling her sweet boobs as she slowly passes out.

Star Girl is knocked out and carried over the shoulder to a chair where she's bound with duct tape to the arms and legs of the chair! Star Girl wakes up to the fondling hands of the taunting men! She is defiant as ever and is unwilling to understand the techniques needed to make a good comic book scene which is drawn from life! The men torment Star Girl as she's heavily gagged with duct tape and fondled! Star Girl "MMMMMPH"s a lot in this HOT scene as she struggles against her bonds and fumes with anger at the artist and his assistant! The super beauty is sketched while bound and gagged and the artist compliments her, assuring her that the comics will sell. Even though Star Girl knows that a successful comic title is neccessary for her to get Amerigana's attention she still squirms and protests the artists technique! When the sketch is finished Star Girl is chloroformed to sleep!

Next Star Girl is practicing her fighting moves when a thug sneaks into her studio and chloroforms her! Star Girl struggles intensely as her boobs are groped and she's slowly knocked out. Then the spangled cutie is carried over the shoulder to the bad guys' hideout. Star Girl is laid on a bed and bound with ropes. Her wrists are then bound over her head to a strange machine! When she wakes up Star Girl is handgagged and then gagged with several strips of white tape! As Star Girl is fondled by one of the fiends she "MMMMMPH"s in defiance as the machine is described as a device that will sap her strength and make her submissive to their demands!

When Star Girl refuses to stop struggling the device is switched on and a strange beam of light shines down on the super sexy heroine! Star Girl soon begins to feel sleepy and weak. She is slowly dominated by the machine which is turned off before she can pass out. Star Girl eventually recovers and resumes her defiant struggling and protesting so the machine is turned back on to subdue her again. After it's turned off again Star Girl slowly recovers and is again defiant (as any good super heroine would be). After getting a good groping she is subjected to the beam again! This time the thugs decide to leave it on until she's completely knocked out! Will Star Girl escape or will she be dominated by the strange device?!?

In the final scene Star Girl tracks down the white slavers who have kidnapped Amerigana! She enters their warehouse and soon finds their ropes and a chloroform bottle. The super crusader comments aloud that she's found the slavers then she spots one of them trying to sneak up on her! Star Girl confronts the slaver and gives a super speech about taking him in but another slaver slowly sneaks up behind her while soaking his chloroform cloth! Star Girl again is chloroformed, fondled and captured by white slavers, carried over-the-shoulder and and soon becomes their bound and gagged plaything! Star Girl endures tight medical tape bondage, fondling, taunting, and a 'super gag'! (A tight constricting bandage completely bound around her already taped mouth) - What will be the fate of our superheroine damsel?!?

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