43 min. 40 sec.


Super sweet girl-next-door Alicia makes a very impressive debut as the costumed crimefighter 'Power Girl'! Alicia gets an urgent call from the commissioner about a group of criminals who have stolen a valuable data disk from the goverment. It contains nuclear secrets and the thugs are threatening to distribute the information over the internet! She springs into action as Power Girl and sets out to stop them before it's too late!

The super beauty sneaks around the outside of the villains' warehouse and looks for a way in. She is jumped and attacked twice by the fiendish thugs but quickly disarms them and beats them to a pulp, making sarcastic comments each time she defeats them. She finds a way inside and sneaks around the complex looking for the stolen disc but she becomes too over-confident and is suprised and jumped by an evil thug who chloroforms and fondles her until she passes out.

He carries Power Girl (over-the-shoulder) around the building, smacking and squeezing her star-spangled ass until he finally lays her down on a sofa to sleep off the drugs. He ties her tightly with binding ropes and fondles her until she wakes. When she starts to wake up he tightly handgags her and teases her about being his Super Captive while Power Girl moans furiously with protest. He then tightly cleave gags the costumed crusader and fondles her helpless body as she struggles against his groping hands.

The thug leaves Power Girl to struggle for a while but she eventually regains enough strength to break free of her bonds and continues her mission. She sneaks around for a while, but soon falls through a trap door and drops to the floor below. Here the Wonder Woman 'Fausta' scene is re-visited as a thug quckly grabs the stunned Power Girl and slowly chloroforms her in stages while occasionally removing the cloth only to ask her questions about her mission. Power Girl's defiance soon fades and she is eventually chloroformed to sleep.

Power Girl is then carried over-the-shoulder to a chair and tied up by the thug. She awakes while he ties her, but is slowly gassed back to sleep by an oxygen mask which pumps her full of knockout gas. Later she wakes and is tightly handgagged while the thug tells her what he has in store for her. He tightly gags her with layers of duct tape as she protests and fondles her plump boobs while she yells campy muffled threats through her gagged mouth.

Power Girl has an electronic device attached to her pussy and is driven to a frenzy of orgasmic ecstacy by the cruel thugs who plan to destroy her with overwhealming sexual stimulation. She struggles and screams through her heavily gagged mouth as the machine drives her to the peak of ecstacy and tries to break free in this very HOT scene! What will become of Power Girl? Will she escape the deadly Orgasmatron?

In another scene Power Girl visits the home of one of her fans who won her contest "SPEND A DAY WITH POWER GIRL" and tells him that he can do whatever he wants to do with her all day long. The crazed fan talks to her about her comic adventures and tricks her into letting him tie her hands behind her back. When he starts to feel her breasts she tells him that's not part of the deal. The fan reminds her that he won the contest and forces her to obey. He soaks a chloroform cloth in front of her and slowly knocks her out as she protests.

For the rest of the day the crazed fan binds, gags and fondles Power Girl repeatedly and allows her to get free only to capture and chloroform her before she can escape. He even uses sleeping gas on her to knock her out when she gets too fiesty. He delights in tightly gagging her protesting mouth and comments on her being his 'super slave' while Power Girl protests heavily. Will Power Girl be able to endure the bondage that she's put through for the entire day? Ballgags, cloth & duct tape muffle her defiant protests and a sexy unmasking scene highlights the exiting climax.

(Alicia is a very cute girl who is a superheroine natural and came up with some great lines of her own dialog. Her gagged protesting is very dramatic. If you're a fan of cute superheroine captives you'll be kicking yourself if you miss this one.)



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