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New super heroine Thunder Girl makes an impressive debut in this super-hot new release! Thunder Girl is a crimefighting beauty who fights for justice against evil white slavers but ends up the tormented bound and gagged captive of the cruel Countess!

Thunder Girl tracks the slavers to their hideout and sneaks inside. She calls aloud for The Countess to surrender and announces that her evil kidnapping days are over. The evil Countess mocks the super beauty and dares Thunder Girl to try and capture her.

She sets up traps to keep the costumed crimefighter off her guard and has one of her henchmen attack Thunder Girl with chloroform. The henchman grabs the beautiful super heroine and tries to drug her but Thunder Girl struggles intensely and manages to break free before she's knocked out. Thunder Girl beats up the henchman and continues her search for the elusive Countess. Soon she tires of the endless searching and makes another threat to the Countess.
Before she can finish delivering her threat The Countess slips up behind Thunder Girl and chloroforms the lovely heroine herself.

She is assisted by her henchman who grabs Thunder Girl's arms and keeps her from removing the cloth until she is chloroformed to sleep. He liberally fondles the super beauty as she slowly passes out then throws her over his shoulder and carries her around for The Countess.
Thunder Girl is taken to another room and is tightly bound on the floor by TheCountess (on-screen) and is roughly fondled and handgagged when she wakes up. The Countess teases Thunder Girl about being her helpless captive and cleave gags her with a thick strip of cloth when she gets too defiant.

Thunder Girl's protests are fast and plentiful as she struggles in bondage, squirming and hopping around the room, rolling on the floor, etc. The henchman returns to fondle her and eventually strip her top off, exposing her lovely boobs, which he gropes freely.
When Thunder Girl tries to get free she is captured again and chloroformed to sleep. She is then carried around and taken to another room where The Countess sits her on a bed and plays with her half-conscious body. The Countess handgags Thunder Girl and gives her generous amounts of chloroform to keep her under control.

The captive crimefighter is then bound spread-eagle to the bed (on-screen) and when she awakens her defiant mouth is stuffed with a pair of the Countess' panties and she's tightly gagged with several strips of duct tape. Thunder Girl is then fondled by the Countess and is subjected to 'The Orgasmatron', a device which stimulates her to a fiery orgasm as she strains intensely against her bonds and moans erotically into her gag. This is a super hot scene!

After an amazing struggle Thunder Girl escapes just in the nick of time and disarms The Orgasmatron! She unties herself and sets out to settle the score with her evil captors.
The Countess is relaxing in her chamber talking to herself about Thunder Girl when the super beauty suddenly handgags her from behind and teases her about being the helpless one. The Countess struggles with Thunder Girl and breaks free and an all out battle begins!

The two costumed cuties try to smother each other in a 'hand-over-mouth / smothering' battle that eventually ends up with Thunder Girl as the victor! The Countess is smothered into unconsciousness but just as Thunder Girl declares her victory she's suddenly grabbed from behind by the henchman who clamps an oxygen mask over her face, pumping her full of sleeping gas!
Thunder Girl is knocked out again and re-captured. The Countess recovers and ties Thunder Girl up (on-screen) and when she wakes up the super beauty is handgagged and tormented by The Countess as she fondles and teases her helpless prisoner.

The Countess then gags Thunder Girl with a huge ball gag and lets her squirm in bondage for a while. Thunder Girl gives another great struggling perfomance as she "MMMPH"s and rolls around with her protests effectively muffled by the merciless rubber ball.
Eventually she escapes and goes after The Countess for a final showdown. Thunder Girl attacks the Countess and manages to chloroform her to sleep. She then binds and gags the cruel villainess but is suddenly chloroformed as well by the henchman. Thunder Girl is bound and gagged next to the Countess and they struggle in bondage together in this hot scene, while the henchman betrays the Countess and leaves her to her fate!

This is one exciting superheroine adventure you won't want to miss!





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