Starring: Jasmine
84 min $19.99

You asked for it! You got it! We've received many e-mails requesting a superheroine video featuring fan favorite / beautiful all-natural buxom brunette Jasmine so we've finally done it! Jasmine is the cute and perky superheroine Mega Girl! She fights crime in a city full of bondage-loving villains who do their best to keep the sweet heroine under wraps in her fantastic debut video! Jasmine is super sexy as buxom Mega Girl and is sure to be a fan favorite among superheroine bondage lovers.

Jasmine recieves a copy of the newest issue of 'Adventures of Mega Girl' and hurries home to read it. She comments on her adventures as she reads the comic in her living room and asks herself why her bondage adventures are so popular. In a flashback we see Mega Girl infiltrating a white slavery hideout to look for missing girls. While she looks for the criminals one of them sneaks up behind her and suddenly attacks her with chloroform! Mega Girl gives a valiant struggle but is soon overcome by the fumes and is heavily breast-fondled as she slowly passes out.

The thug carries her over-the-shoulder to a safe room where he ties up the helpless heroine. When she wakes up he handgags and fondles her while questioning her about her mission. Mega Girl is defiant and protests too much so the thug cleave gags her, fondles her big boobs, then leaves her to struggle and protest for a while. Mega Girl squirms and "Mmmmph"s for several minutes before the thug returns and chloroforms her to sleep again.

He then carries her over to a closet and stuffs her inside, telling her that she'd better stay out of his way. Mega Girl protests dramatically as he shuts the door and is helplessly locked inside. Eventually the super beauty frees herself and goes after the thug. She finds him and beats him up, but while she's delivering her campy speech about the thugs underestimating her one of the thugs grabs her from behind. He quickly straps an oxygen mask over her face and pumps her full of sleeping gas. Mega Girl struggles in vain as she's restrained, roughly fondled and slowly knocked out by the gas.

The thug ties up the super beauty on the floor of a storage room and handgags her / fondles her when she wakes. When she gets too noisy he gags her with several strips of duct tape and fondles her boobs for a while, then leaves her to struggle. Mega Girl is unable to free herself before he returns and is chloroformed to sleep and carried away.
In the next story Mega Girl visits the winner of her comic book "Spend the day with Mega Girl" contest. The fan invites her inside and asks her to tell him her whole life story, but he actually has other plans for the unsuspecting superheroine.

He gives her a drugged drink and listens to her as she tells her story. Mega Girl talks in detail about her many adventures and how she gets tied up a lot but eventually she begins to get sleepy and realizes that she's been drugged. The fan takes advantage of her helplessness and teases her while feeling her boobs as she struggles to stay awake. Mega Girl tries to fend off the fan's molesting hands but she's eventually overcome by the drugs and the super beauty passes out. The fan then carries her over-the-shoulder into his bedroom for some fondling fun. He binds Mega Girl and gags her with medical tape when she wakes up, then he liberally squeezes her plump boobs and spanks her for being 'naughty'. He allows her to struggle for a while before chloroforming her again.

Mega Girl is put through more intensive bondage and her lovely defiant mouth is mercilessly gagged again as she is bound with black electrical tape! The costumed cutie does some top notch struggling here! How will she ever escape the deranged fan?!?
In her next scene Mega Girl is practicing her power moves as she talks aloud about how she'll never become a victim of perverted villains anymore. A thug who is waiting in hiding decides that it's the perfect time to kidnap the super beauty so he soaks his chloroform cloth and attacks the unsuspecting superheroine.

Mega Girl puts up a valiant struggle but the chloroform soon overpowers her and her boobs are heavily molested as she passes out. The thug carries her over-the-shoulder to his hide-out where he binds and gags the groggy Mega Girl and strips her naked as she "Mmmmph"s in protest. After giving her a good fondling he tells her that she needs to be kept under wraps while his friends loot the city. Will Mega Girl escape and stop the ring of terror before it's too late?!?